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Baked Processing Natural Food Seasoning Dehydrated Mustard Powder For Cooking

Baked Processing Natural Food Seasoning Dehydrated Mustard Powder For Cooking

Baked Processing Natural Food Seasoning Dehydrated Mustard Powder For Cooking
Baked Processing Natural Food Seasoning Dehydrated Mustard Powder For Cooking Baked Processing Natural Food Seasoning Dehydrated Mustard Powder For Cooking

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Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: OEM
Certification: Certification: BRC, FDA, GAP, HACCP, ISO, KOSHER, SEDEX
Model Number: Mustard Powder
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: Negotiable
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: 5kg/bag,Weight Per Carton: 10kg,11ton/20’GP
Delivery Time: 14-20WORK DAYS
Supply Ability: 20TON/month
Detailed Product Description
Colour: Yellow Flavor: Pungent And Pungent Flavor
Drying Process: AD Processing Type: Baked
Shelf Life:: 24 Months Model Number: Mustard
Product Type:: Single Herbs & Spices Style: Dried
High Light:

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Dehydrated Mustard Powder For Food Chinese Natural Food Seasoning Wasabi Powder Dehydrated Mustard Powder For Food


Name Mustard Powder
Grade A
Spec 60-100 mesh
Appearance Powder
Origin China
Moisture < 6 %
Color yellow
Ingredients 100% mustard
Unit weight 20 kg/Ctn (18 mt/20'FCL,25 mt/40'FCL)
Package Aluminum Foil Bags + Ctn (45*32*29 cm)
Payment terms T/T, L/C, 
Price terms FOB,CFR,CIF
Delivery Date In 15 Days after prepayment confirmed
Shelf Life 24 months


1. Product Name dehydrated horseradish granules (powder)
2. Qualified dehydrated horseradish slices produced by the company itself  
3. Product characteristics  
(physical, biological and chemical) physical sensory index the product is white, granular or powdery, without obvious sensory defects and foreign matters. Water content ≤ 6.0%.
Chemical indicators agricultural residues meet the requirements of the corresponding directives of the importing countries.
Microbial index total number of bacteria ≤ 105 / g; coliform group ≤ 100 / g; pathogenic bacteria shall not be detected;
4. Product specification 8-16 mesh; 16-26 mesh; 26-40 mesh; 40-80 mesh; 60-80 mesh; 100-120 mesh
5. Inner and outer packing materials and packing forms 1. Inner aluminum foil bag, outer carton packing; 2. Composite bag packing;
6. Storage mode store and sell at room temperature.
7. Shelf life 24 months
8. Intended use export, semi-finished product reprocessing, as raw material of mustard powder
9. Use or eat directly after unpacking.  
10. Product hygiene quality standard GB / t15691  


Process description of dehydrated horseradish tablets  
No. process description key processing technical parameters  
1. Raw material acceptance the horseradish raw material used shall meet the requirements of the process, and the raw material shall be fresh with good color and shape. No diseases and pests, no rot, no chemical pollution. In the process of packaging, transportation and storage, it is required to be free of pollution and damage, with the base certificate. Chlorpyrifos ≤ 0.01
Methamidophos ≤ 0.02  
Cypermethrin ≤ 0.05  
Fenvalerate ≤ 0.05  
2. Grading use stainless steel knife to cut off the side root one by one. The main root of the side root shall be segmented, without leakage. Select stones and mud blocks to avoid affecting the peeling quality.
3. Peeling If peeling is done with a peeling machine, soak the graded horseradish slices in water for about 5 minutes, and then put them into the peeling machine for peeling.
4. Select: Select the garlic rice with skin, peel twice, clean the impurities, moldy and sugar garlic rice, and rinse the garlic skin. After the quality inspector has inspected that the product meets the production standard, the next process can be started for cleaning.
5. Sterilization and rinsing soak in 100-150ppm NaClO solution for more than 5 minutes. After sterilization, pour raw materials into clean water for rinsing to eliminate residual chlorine. Use flowing water for cleaning
6. Slice adjust the slice knife distance according to the specification and thickness required by the customer or the standard formulated by the company, then slice with water, and put the material evenly, otherwise the slice quality will be affected.
7. Rinse Rinse the slices and wash them with flowing water twice in succession to remove the surface mucus, otherwise, the color of horseradish slices will be affected and it will stick to the mesh belt.
8.draining Use centrifuge to drain the moisture on the surface of horseradish slices. The time of draining should not be too long or too heavy. The time of draining is 2-3 minutes.
9. Drying evenly spread the drained horseradish slices on the mesh belt of the dryer for drying. The rotation speed of the dryer is controlled at 180-220 rpm; the temperature is controlled at 65 ℃, and the temperature difference between the upper and lower parts is not more than 5 tons. The drying time is controlled at 3-5 hours. Water content ≤ 5.5%.
10.air separation After air separation, the dried horseradish slices are blown away with the air separator, which is equipped with a strong magnetic rod.
11. Color separation use the color separation machine to remove impurities and scabs.
12.Select the magnetization Select the magnetization for manual selection, and the selection table is equipped with strong magnetic rod.
13. Metal detection the semi-finished products to be packaged as finished products shall be treated with metal detection. The metal detector shall be tested with a detection piece every 2 hours before and during the test to ensure the sensitivity of the metal detector
14. The finished products shall be packed The finished products shall be packedand warehoused to check whether the hardness, size and shipping mark of the cartons are correct. Whether the inner package is damaged; whether there are foreign matters inside. After the package is complete, it shall be stored in the warehouse. It shall be handled with care and not operated in a rough manner. It shall be ensured that the box surface is clean, free of pollution and damage. The stacking shall be neat, with marks and pallets on the bottom


Horseradish, also known as behalai, originated in Japan, Cruciferae. Horseradish is a kind of vegetable and medicinal plant with high economic value. The product processed by horseradish is the common mustard, which is the necessary seasoning for eating raw food and seafood. The fragrant and spicy flavor of Anemone can effectively eliminate the fishy smell of fish. Japanese and Korean regard anemone as a treasure.
Low calorie and zero fat horseradish has extremely rich nutritional value. Fresh anemone (rhizome) contains protein, vitamin C, in addition to a large number of iron, sulfur, potassium, magnesium, manganese, copper, zinc and other minerals and cellulose.
Horseradish can not only regulate taste, but also enhance antibody and immunity. In addition, horseradish mainly contains mustard oil, amino acids and a variety of trace elements, which can increase appetite, help digestion and stabilize the level of vitamins in the intestine after eating.
Horseradish also has strong bactericidal power, which can prevent bacterial food poisoning. The incidence rate of gout is lower than that of normal people. The amount of unsaturated organic sulfur and rich mustard oil can prevent gouty stones. With its unique taste, horseradish has become a "perfect companion" for beef, chicken, seafood and other meat.


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